California Tropical Fruit Trees

Apple Trees

Anna Apples Anna Apples
Anna Apple Tree

Dorsett Golden AppleDorsett Golden Apple Tree
Dorset Golden Apple Tree
Fuji Apple Fuji Apple Tree
Fuji Apple Tree
Pettingill Apple Pettingill Apple Tree
Pettingill Apple Tree
WInter Banana Apple WInter Banana Apple Tree
Beverly Hills Apple Tree
Beverly Hills Apples
Apple Tree

Apricot Trees

Royal Apricot Royal Apricot Tree
Royal Semi Dwarf Apricots
Blenheim Apricots

Avocado Trees

hass avocado
fuerte avocado

Banana Trees

brazilian banana
Variety of Banana Fruit
jamaican red bananas
Banana Leaf
Dwarf Orinoco
Dwarf Orinoco Bananas
enano gigante bananas
Enano Gigante Bananas
ice cream bananas
Ice Cream Bananas
banana trees
Dwarf Apple Brazilian Bananas


blueberriesblueberry shrubs
Blueberries: O'Neal and Sunshine
raspberry bush
raspberry bush
Mulberries (Black Persian, Oscar, Pakistan, White Pakistan and Weeping Teas)


black bamboo
Black Bamboo
gold timber bamboo
Golden Timber Bamboo
green bamboo
Old Hamaii Bamboo
Vista Tropical Fruit Tree Nursery
Mei-Nung Bamboo

Atemoya & Cherimoya

Atemoya (African Pride)
Cherimoya (Dr. White)

Cherry Trees

acerola cherry tree
Barbados Cherry (Acerola)
Brazilian Cherry Tree
Royal Lee Cherry
Capulin Cherry Tree
Mini Royal Cherry
Rio Grande Cherry Tree
Rio Grande Cherry
Surinam Lolita Cherry Tree
Yummy Cherries
Surinam Chamba Cherry Tree
Surinam Chamba Cherry (Lolita and Champa)

Citrus Trees

Budda Hand
Buddha Hand
grapefruit tree
Grapefruit Tree (Star Ruby, Rio Red & Pommelo)
Kumquot TreeKumquot Tree
Kumquot Tree (Nagami)
Eureka Lemon Tree
Eureka Lemon Tree
Myers Lemon TreeMyers Lemon Tree
Meyer Lemon Tree
Sweet Lemon Tree
Sweet Lemon Tree
Lime TreeKaffir Lime Tree
Mexican Lime Tree
Mandarine TangerinePixie Mandarine Tree
Pixie Mandarine Tangerine
(also available Honey, Satsuma & Clementine)
Valencia Orange Tree
Blood Orange
Vista CA Fruit Tree Nursery
Valencia Orange Trees
Washington Navel Orange Tree
Washington Navel Orange
Bearss Lime Tree
Bearss Lime

Fig Trees

Fig Trees
Long Verde Fig
Fig Trees
Excell Fig
Panache FigPanache Fig Tree
Panache Fig
Tena FigTena Fig Tree
Tena Fig Tree
Black Mission FigBlack Mission Fig
Black Mission Fig Tree
Pasquale FigPasquale Fig Tree
Pasquale Fig Tree
Peter's Honey FigPeter's Honey Fig
Peter's Honey Fig Tree
Verte Fig TreeVerte Fig Tree
Delicious Figs!
Celeste Fig TreeCeleste Fig Tree
Celeste Fig Tree
Growing Grounds
Growing Grounds

Guava Trees

Guava Tree
Arrian, Bangkok, Giant Vietnamese, Hawaiian, Tropical, Mexican Creme, Pineapple, Red Strawberry, Ruby X & Yellow Strawberry Guavas
Guava Tree

Thai Maroon Guava

More Fruit Trees

Java Plum
Java Plum (evergreen)
jujube Tree
Jujube (Li)
Kaffir Plum Tree
Coffee (Red Oxacan)
Longan TreeLongan
Louquot Tree
LycheeLychee Tree
Corriente Mango (Manila, Adaulfo & Elefant also available)
Macademia Trees
Beaumont Macademia Trees
California Tropical Fruit Trees
Mulberries (Black Persian, Oscar, Pakistan, White Pakistan and Weeping Teas)


Vista Tree Nursery
Pakistan Mulberries
Vista Tree Nursery
Black Persian Mulberries
\Weeping Teas Mulberries
Weeping Teas Mulberries
Oscar Mulberries
Oscar Mulberries


Golden Nectar Plum
Mexican Papaya Tree
EZ Pick Snow

Palm Trees

Queen Palm Trees
Roboline Palm Trees
King Palm Trees
King Palm Trees

Sago Palm TreesSago Palm

Sago Palm Trees
Passion Fruit
Passion Fruit Tree

Peach Trees

Babcock Peach Babcock Peach Tree
Babcock Peach Tree
Saturn Peach Saturn Peach Tree
Donut Peach Tree
Peach Trees
Desert Gold
Peach Trees

Santa Barbara, Earligrande & 3 in 1 Warm Climate

Pear Trees

Pear Trees
4 in 1 Pyrus/Highland, Pear Trees
Pear Trees
Hood Pear

Asian Pear Trees

Shinko Asian Pear Shinko Asian Pear Tree
20th Century
Shinseiki Pear TreesShinseiki Pear
Shinseiki Asian Pear Tree
Peach Trees
Hosui Asian Pear Tree
Peach Trees
3 in 1 Asian Pear Trees

Persimmon Trees

Fuyu Persimmon TreePersimmon Trees
Jiro Fuyu (giant) Persimmon
Fuyu Persimmon TreeHychia Persimmon Treee
Hachiya Persimmon

Plum Trees

Beauty Plum Beauty Plum Tree
Inco Plum
Green Gage Plum Green Gage Plum Tree
Green Gage Plum
Santa Rosa Plum Santa Rosa Plum Tree
Santa Rosa Plum
Weeping Santa Rosa Plum Weeping Santa Rosa Plum Tree
Santa RosaPlum Tree
Plum Trees
Best & Late Santa Rosa Plum
Plum Trees
Burgandy Plum
Rose AppleRose Apple
Rose Apple (evergreen)

Pomegranate Trees

Field Sweet Pomegranate
White & Loma Red Pomegranate

Sapote Trees

White Sapote TreesWhite Sapote Tree
White (Sue Belle) Sapote
Black Sapote Trees
Black Sapote
Yellow Sapote Canisteel
Yellow Sapote Canistel
Chico Sapote FruitStarfruit
Chico (Sapodilla) Sapote

More Fruit Trees and Flowers

Wampi (evergreen)
Red Wax Jambu
Pink Stinark & Red Wax Jambu
Bird of Paridise
starfruit tree
Datura/Angel Trumpet
Champaca Flower (evergreen)
Plumerias (White, Yellow, Pink, Red, Rainbow & over 40 different color grafted combinations!
Cerise Red PlumeriasCerise Plumeria
Cerise Red Plumerias
Moonlight White Plumeria
Celadine Yellow Plumeria
Pink Rainbow Plumeria
Ruffles Light Pink Plumeria
Daisy Wilcox Plumeria
Daisy Wilcox Plumeria
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Pakistan Mulberry
Mini Lee & Royal Lee Cherries
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